Portrait Photography and Custom Framing

Portrait Photography and Custom Framing

I’ve recently relocated to Castro Valley so I have been visiting local businesses to introduce myself as well as grounding myself to my new city.

My most recent and notable visit was with Wanda Worthington Kersey, owner of Worthington Photography.  She is a second-generation photographer in her family.  I came to her for a professional portrait for use on my website.  She exceeded my expectations and made me feel comfortable during my session.  I requested a transparent background so I could place my portrait on different photographs for my blog, facebook, and emails. I’m very happy with her work and look forward to using her services in the future.

 Having a great portrait taken by a professional photographer is the first step and the second step is having it framed by a professional framer/designer.  The framing should compliment the portrait and fit into the space it will be hanging. There are a few important elements to look at in the photography in order to pick a frame design that compliments it.

  •  Note the colors in the portrait, mainly the background  colors, for  choosing the mats.
  • If the portrait was taken outside then a custom frame with some distress looks nicer than a plain black frame.
  •  Use museum glass to have clear viewing of the portrait and for UV protection.
  •  If several portraits are being framed consider framing a few in one frame with multiple openings.  This works well for smaller portraits like 5 x 7 and 8 x 10′s.
  •  Have fun with the project and make sure time has been taken to have the best design possible for your portraits.

Check out Wanda’s site at www.worthingtonphotography.com  to get inspired.



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